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    Hi there my name is Carl, I own uriciplex.com

    I was wondering if you would like me to send you some Uriciplex samples, so you can see how affective it is. Let me know if you would like some and where you would like me to send it.

    Also I would be very grateful if you would link to us from this content, it would help us as we would love a link from yourselves, but I am sure it would also benefit you and your readers also

    Kind Regards

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    Keith Taylor
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    Hi Carl,

    Sorry for my delay in responding to you. What are your thoughts about Should Charivertising be a word?

    For your kind offer of free samples, that would be a great way to kickstart my idea. Personally, I don’t need Uriciplex. But, I’m sure there are other GoutPal members who would be interested.

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