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Uric acid crystal dispersment - where can they go?

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This popular topic answers some individual questions about persistent gout pain. So I urge you to read BigAl’s question and replies below. Because they give a good insight into different aspects of lingering gout pain control. But first, you should read some relevant gout facts. Then you can add to this discussion with your own questions, experiences, and opinions.

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Original question follows…

Hi, all.

I’m 37 and had my first attack 7! Years ago and when to a&e thinking I’d broke my toe as and whacked it running up the steps the night before. Was told it was gout and given a course of colchicine.

Three years after that I had another attack after a stag weekend (I knew the trigger).

Both these in my left toe.

Now a further 3-4 years on I have my 3rd after another stag do (I should really give these stag parties a miss)

Anyway, I went to the docs who tested my blood and I was .401 which she said I was just over the normal range. Before placing me on allopurinol she wanted me to lose 2stn (I’m just into the obese category with a BMI of 31) and increase my water intake as I’m usually just tea and coffee.

Anyway, that’s my history. My first attacks in my left foot went after a week or two and that foot is I would say 100% normal. This 3rd attack which is the 1st in my right foot has gone pain wise… it took about a month but some gout swelling and redness persists which is holding me back in terms of exercise.

Does it normally take so long to go? What can I do to assist it along?

I’m also drinking black cherry juice to help with my levels of uric acid.


Uric acid crystal dispersment - where can they go?

Gouty swelling in left toe even after gout pain has gone