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How long for gout pain to go away?

Gout for 30 years getting worse

Looking forward to learning from other gout sufferers and sharing own experience in the ongoing battle against gout.

I`ve probably had the condition for about 25 – 30 years. In the early years it would come and go but more recently has had a more crippling effect and seems to have set up camp permanently which has driven me to look for solutions.

Have been experimenting with different foodstuffs but nothing seems definitive. Stopped drinking beer or any alcohol for the past month or so and this seems to have reduced the severity of the gout but it`s still there, in particular, the left knee. At the same time have been taking Montmorency cherry juice at night along with one 200mg Ibuprofen. I assume it’s the Ibuprofen that gives a pain-free sleep. I remain to be convinced about the cherry juice. But I feel a sensation in my knee which I never felt before(could it be the uric acid crystals breaking up). During the day plenty of fluid is taken, in particular, water and am also drinking Nettle tea which I have read is good for clearing the kidneys, and that makes sense, as, from what I have read gout may clog up the kidneys.

I seem to be on the right track as previously had developed a permanent limp due to the severity of gout. Can now walk without a limp and with much ease but gout remains but not as it was. Past couple of days seems to have been a retrograde step as could feel the pain increasing but not to the extent it was and not crippling. Diet consisted of Pasta, Tomatoes, Bread Products, Potatoes, Low Fat Milk, Bananas, Rice Krispies, Nectarine, Orange, Butter, Water, Tea, Cranberry Sauce, Cakes, Chocolate, Crisps. Have to assume it was either one or a combination of those.

The battle continues.

How long for gout pain to go away?

How long does gout last?