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Keto Diet or Febuxostat for Uric Acid Control?

I was using allupurinol.. but legs feel tingly and such. But after starting to use Febuxostat, it went away.

I believe I have gout for say maybe even 10-15 yrs now with no symptoms until last 2-3 years where I got gout attacks. Medical also show my UA to be around 7.5-8+.

How long and how much do I need to take febuxostat 40mg (need to take 1 or 2x a day and in the morning to evening for it to be more effective?).

I know I probably have to take this for life but I am wondering do I need to be also on a low carb (keto like diet) or no soda/ coke type of drinks? it sucks to have to consume food with low purines. I know it is impossible to eliminate it all… suggestions?