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How Gout Medications Work media

Diclofenac, allopurinol and colchicine safe to take together?

Please accept my apologies for having a terrible memory as I know I have asked my doctor this before and I can’t remember the response. I seem to think that I was given the all-clear to take all of these together if necessary.

I’m currently on holiday in America and have somehow managed to hurt my ankle. Had a burning pain all of last night. I’m on Allopurinol 100 mg and I am also taking Colchicine just while I am on holiday as agreed by my doctor, because I worry about getting a flare up in extreme heat and the temperature here is very hot indeed. So it was agreed I could take 500 microgram tablets twice a day as a preventative -as a sort of just in case measure.

I am wanting to take the diclofenac to help with the ankle pain. I normally use Voltaren cream when I have any kind of joint aches but you can only buy it here with a prescription. The diclofenac tablets would be a last resort. I just wondered if people knew the answer to this or has it been discussed before?

I imagine if somebody who is taking allopurinol and colchicine and had a flare-up of gout (which could still theoretically happened in the early days) would be advised to take some kind of anti-inflammatory it’s hard to know where the Colchicine is classed as an anti-inflammatory -Google is giving me very mixed opinions! If nobody here knows it’s not a problem I will visit the pharmacy on Monday and speak to a pharmacist but I don’t hold out hope they will know.

Thank you

Does Allopurinol make you Gain Weight?

Update on my Weight Loss & Uric Acid

Some of you may remember a while ago I was posting that I was struggling to lose weight. Exercise has been difficult as have been recently diagnosed with joint hypermobility syndrome so been in a lot of pain most days. Currently seeing a rheumatologist about it but diet was really hard because I was becoming fixated on foods that could cause gout even though I’m vegan it was becoming a professional probably linking in with my previous eating disorder.

Tried low carb which was a nightmare and I tried sugar-free and thought about intermittent fasting but the thought of it didn’t sit well with me as I have low blood sugar anyway.

I’m pleased to report that I’ve lost just over half a stone in 8 weeks doing slimming world it’s a nice slow and steady weight loss and I’m really happy. I can eat huge portions of food which suits me because I have a big appetite and I’m eating lots of carbs and things like beans and lentils rice pasta nothing is off limits. Plus getting plenty of protein with tofu etc and eating a variety of fruit and vegetables and still being able to have some naughty snacks as part of the plan. It has stopped any thoughts of bulimia and I am truly comfortable now with how I eat and I also eat breakfast which is a first for me as I never used to!

Does Allopurinol help Weight Loss?

Is Allopurinol and Weight Loss best for Uric Acid?

Is Quorn good for Gout?

Is Quorn high in Purines?

Quorn and Gout

[admin note] This topic discusses the meat substitue, Quorn, and it’s effect on gout diet.

If you have any questions, experiences, or opinions about Quorn and gout, please reply below. For example, you might want to comment on specific posts such as Quorn & Gout, or Quorn and Purines. However, if you want personal help in planning a low purine diet, it’s better to start a new topic.

Original post continues below:

Anyone know of any studies that link eating corn to causing gout flares a lot of the Quorn products in the UK and I’ll suitable for vegans and no they’re very good high protein and low fat but what worries me is I’ve heard anecdotal reports in the past of Quorn causing gout flare-ups I can’t see why that would be. Thank you

Is Quorn good for Gout?

What’s your favorite Quorn recipe for gout?

Sesamoiditis or Gout?

Sesamoiditis versus Gout

I seem to have kept my latest gout flare at bay, either that or it is just a mild flare up that is lingering. Hard to explain but now got a tingling, nagging ache under my big toe which is very similar I believe to sesamoiditis, and wondering could this be a completely different ailment or caused/brought about by gout? It only started yesterday after sitting in the garden on quite a hot day. Thanks

Sesamoiditis or Gout?

Is your foot pain Sesamoiditis or Gout?

Chocolate flavor Vegan Protein for Gout

Hemp protein powder for Gouty Vegan

Wanting to buy a hemp protein powder flavoured with chocolate. Because it would be really handy for me on days when I’m on the go and just want to incorporate some different sources of protein in my diet.

Can anyone see the problem this could cause in bringing on a gout attack?

I’ve researched hemp and from what I can see it’s low in purine so shouldn’t be a problem. But I just wondered about having it as a protein shake. The one that I have seen just contains pure hemp powder and cocoa powder.

Thanks in advance

Colcrys Dose for Gout

Taking Colchicine on vacation

Right now I suspect I may be in the throes of another attack 🙁 I just keep saying in my head “Really?!” in an incredulous tone because as I told you before on here uric acid is 0.27 mm/ol. But as Keith pointed out maybe still old uric acid crystals dissolving, I’ve been on Allopurinol for 6 months now so hope that is the case. I am due to go to Turkey in September for a little over a week, really do not want an attack while I am there, is it okay to take twice daily colchicine while I am there? When I first started with Allopurinol I was on it for nearly 6 weeks and during a holiday to the states it was very comforting to know it was keeping any attacks at bay. What do others think? Thank you

Colcrys Dose for Gout

There is a standard colchicine dose for gout. But be flexible depending on your plan and your symptoms.

Vitamin B12 Foods

Nutritional yeast flakes

I used to really enjoy these there basically a good source of B12 for vegetarians and vegans in the form of tasty cheese like flakes I just wondered though I know that you sometimes causes issues with uric acid but this is deactivated so would it still be ok to have I don’t feel like I should be exexcluding it in my diet. Thanks

Is Aquafaba a Gout Superfood?

Chickpea Water & Aquafaba for Gout

As a vegan I have just discovered the joys of aquafaba (chickpea water) you basically drain a can of chickpeas and whisk the water, it turns into something similar to egg whites and great for recipes. Just wondered whether, seeing as chickpeas themselves are seen as moderately high in purines, would the same apply to the water they are canned in? This water has no brine by the way. Thanks

Allopurinol 300 mg Image

Is 300mg Allopurinol Dose best for Gout?

For Keith Taylor sorry I have took on board what you said and started a new topic which I hope you respond to. I just have so many questions about gout I end up babbling on

I did say in the last thread that the doctor talked about my recent blood test results and said my liver and kidney function creatine etc..was in her words “excellent” so she said she had no worries over increasing to 300mg and would get another blood test done after several months to carry on monitoring everything.

Initially I was weary but I take a few days to come round to things. I am willing to try the 300mg as fed up of my life being on hold.thats why I was alarmed that others seem concerned when previously higher doses of Allopurinol have been defended.

I did request a gout plan filled in a form not sure if it all went through okay. Please understand I am a worrier and take everything said to me to heart so I stressed over the fact that maybe I should not take 300mg etc…after coming round to it. It is jyst very confusing and I apologise.

GoogleGout with GoutPal

I need to stay off Google for Gout

I really do! Starting to worry that my higher dose of Allopurionol could cause weight gain. Why are there horror story accounts of people who gain 50 pounds on it when its not even listed as a rare side effect?!

The same thing happened when I was prescribed anti-depressants for hormone problems even though it was a low dose there I was alarming myself reading accounts of people ballooning on the. Even my doctor friend pointed out this is usually not down to the drug itself but an increased appetite as sense of well being restored. Are the “I gained 50 pound” people just the doom merchants did they gain it because once on Allopurinol they went back to unhealthy eating habits?

I think the panic for me over weight gain stems from my past bulimia.