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Feburic, gout and protein powder questions

This is going to be a long post. So please bear with me.

I am a 29 year old male from India. I have recently been diagnosed with elevated uric acid levels in my body.

I am an eggitarian(eat about 2 eggs per week) and I take protein supplement everyday(1 serving of Protinex – about 9g of protein per day) and it is SoyProtein. I doubled my protein intake for 3 months last year(about 24g of protein per day) because I felt weak and I had protein deficiency previously. In early January 2017 I noticed pain in my toes during the night when I tried to sleep. I noticed that everytime I had an omlett afterwards the pain seemed to return. And it started happening more frequently later on. On the pain scale I would say a pain of about 6 for 10 mins. Usually it went away on it’s own after sometime. But since the frequency increased I knew that my excessive Protein intake might be a culprit and I visited a doctor on Feb 20th, 2017 and the Uric acid blood test showed 7 mg/dl. I was told that my Uric acid levels are higher than normal and I have to take medication for that. I was put on feburic 40 mg for 6 weeks. I asked my doctor if I can continue taking Protein supplement and he said that it could be taken without any issues. Now I reduced my dosage 6-7g of Protein per day. And on April 1st,2017 I had my second Uric Acid test and the result showed 4.0 mg/dl. I was happy with the Uric Acid level reduced to an extent but my doctor said that I have to continue for another 2 months and he was anticipating my Uric Acid to be less than 2.0 mg/dl with the dosage prescribed. However I had a lot of issues when I was taking the feburic 40 mg medication – suffered from sleeplessness throughout my dosage and initially for the first week I suffered shortness of breath as well. Because of these effects I wasn’t able to concentrate on work and had to stay home for 3 weeks. I have a few questions on the Uric Acid level.

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Joint stiffness with Allopurinol

Hi everyone,

My doctor switched me from Febuxostat to Allopurinol since I started experiencing insomnia when I took febuxostat for 1 month. I started Allopurinol just yesterday and I had very stiff left shoulder and elbow joints on my left side when I woke up today. I just ignored it and took the dose today but as the day progressed my right shoulder and elbow joints also got quite stiff and it seems that my stiffness is affecting my spine also now. from what I read many people take allopurinol for long term without any serious side effects but I am having achy joints on the second day itself. Would it go away gradually or should I revert back to febuxostat and search for solutions for my insomnia. ALso which medicine has adverse side effects when taken in long term. I am just 29 now and I am already struggling with terrible left knee after 3 surgeries on that one and now this gout diagnosis is preventing me from attending my office regularly. Please suggest how do I deal with this.