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  1. Worst flare I have had (2018-01-05 04:44)
  2. Uris acid level measurements (2018-02-14 11:07)
  3. Where's my Profile? (2018-02-21 06:52)
  4. Uric Acid level of 10.0 (2018-03-31 02:44)
  5. Why always highlighted as a high risk for gout? (2018-04-07 02:07)
  6. To eat or to reduce? (2018-04-10 10:39)
  7. To cut or not to cut? (2018-07-05 01:09)
  8. Unsure of the advisability of current treatment (2018-07-18 04:19)
  9. Withdrawal from Allopurinol (2018-08-18 12:38)
  10. Ultimate Gout Killer. (2018-09-12 09:50)
  11. SUA Dr. Unimpressed August 2018 (2019-02-08 07:29)
  12. Just Started Allopurinol, Unclear on Follow-Ups (2019-02-13 06:10)
  13. Big toe soreness (2019-02-16 07:05)
  14. Dairy Extract Pills? (2019-02-21 09:00)
  15. Gout Research SLEEP APNEA (2019-02-26 08:35)
  16. Medrol 1/2 dose (2019-02-28 04:29)
  17. Gout Flare VS Gout Attack (2019-02-28 06:16)
  18. Newly Diagnosed w/ Gout (2019-03-31 04:53)
  19. Miserable and would love help (2019-03-31 06:41)
  20. Gout or broken bones for maximum pain? (2019-04-04 01:16)
  21. Big Toe Joint still very sore to touch (2019-04-13 11:41)
  22. Alcohol abstinence and Gout Flares (2019-04-18 01:19)
  23. Gout flare up & Allopurinol Help! (2019-04-24 01:03)
  24. uric acid level (2019-04-28 03:37)
  25. FDA Adds Black Box Warning to Gout Medication (2019-05-02 07:20)
  26. Alpurinol for Downs Son with Gout (2019-05-07 10:47)
  27. Do I take the allopurinol plunge? (2019-05-09 07:34)
  28. When is an "attack" actually over? (2019-05-30 04:38)
  29. Buying Colcichine online? (2019-05-30 04:46)
  30. Febuxostat (2019-07-10 08:58)

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Allopurinol and beer Allopurinol and beer

Hello, I just went through my worst gout attack ever. My knee got so inflamed that I actually had to go to the emergency room to get 60 cc of joint fluid drained. The doctor had me on Prednisone for a few weeks, and now I’ve been on Colchicine for a week and he just ...

Joint stiffness with Allopurinol Joint stiffness with Allopurinol

Hi everyone, My doctor switched me from Febuxostat to Allopurinol since I started experiencing insomnia when I took febuxostat for 1 month. I started Allopurinol just yesterday and I had very stiff left shoulder and elbow joints on my left side when I woke up today. I just ignored it and took the dose today but ...

Strawberries, Gout, and Histamines Strawberries, Gout, and Histamines

I was an ambitious/sensitive/hardworking/anxiety prone/perfection seeking individual. All these lead to chronic health issues high blood pressure and diabetes by 30 (10 years back). on medications for few years also ended up having cholesterol and thyroid problems. so decided to go for naturopathy instead of standard medicines. I first had my gout attack in 2007. Until ...

New Sufferer saying hello to Gout New Sufferer saying hello to Gout

Hi there My name is Gavin, I turned 40 in Jan this year and been suffering with flare ups since then 🙁 No family history but my diet has always been varied and fairly healthy although I am no doubt overweight and as a CAMRA member in the UK I do like to put a few ...

Where is Benecheck Uric Acid meter Support? Where is Benecheck Uric Acid meter Support?

I recently purchased a BeneCheck meter. I haven’t received it yet but I am wondering where I can buy additional uric acid test strips. I live in Arizona near Tucson. Internet searches came up short for US distributors.

Can drinking club soda help my gout? Can drinking club soda help my gout?

“Gout and club soda raises interesting questions. Can fizzy water help gout? Yes, with a couple of warnings. See the truth before wasting money on gout cures.” Thousands of gout sufferers have asked about club soda and gout. So, I’ve summarized some key points from old discussions: Subject Facts Discussion Summary Soda Water and Gout Best Home Remedies For Gout: Water Gout ...

Gout pain finally gone, but swelling persists Gout pain finally gone, but swelling persists

This popular topic answers some individual questions about persistent gout pain. So I urge you to read BigAl’s question and replies below. Because they give a good insight into different aspects of lingering gout pain control. But first, you should read some relevant gout facts. Then you can add to this discussion with your own ...

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