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  1. GOUT my Life! (2020-09-02 05:09)
  2. New to the Forum: Swelling Joint (2020-09-03 11:19)
  3. Gout Flare-Up Almost Fortnightly (2020-09-06 02:18)
  4. Gout in the 20s (2020-09-08 04:16)
  5. New to Gout (2020-09-26 08:54) Bunion and Gout Forum, Forum for Arthritis Sufferers, Forum for Gout Students, and Gout in Knee Forum
  6. Allopurinol (2020-10-16 10:10)
  7. New to Forum (2020-10-27 03:18)
  8. Doctor is not sure it is gout. (2020-11-02 10:04)
  9. Vit D and Gout (2020-11-04 01:42)
  10. New to Gout (2020-11-22 06:48)
  11. Gout and Cupping (2020-11-24 12:04)
  12. Knee gout (2020-11-25 09:40) Gout in Knee Forum and Gout Symptoms Forum
  13. legs, hands, knees, elbows you name it. (2020-11-28 03:24) Forum for Gout Herbalists, Gout in Knee Forum, and Gout Symptoms Forum
  14. Remedies for gout pain (2020-12-02 01:49)
  15. I have Gout . Can I take an aspirin and Allopurinol? (2020-12-30 11:04)
  16. Oranges and Gout (2021-01-05 11:50)
  17. Starting Allopurinol (2021-01-07 06:43)
  18. Cut Calories (2021-01-09 11:07)
  19. Hello.. and finally a decent source of info.. (2021-01-14 03:34)
  20. Gout and CKD (2021-01-15 05:31)
  21. Uric acid deposits in feet. (2021-01-18 12:41)
  22. Gout Patient Mobile App Survey (2021-01-25 11:30)
  23. Zero purine protein? (2021-02-17 10:07)
  24. Gout issues (2021-02-18 11:10)
  25. On-going gout issues (2021-02-20 07:44)
  26. Gradual gout attacks? (2021-03-01 10:46)
  27. 6 months of symptoms and 5 opinions (2021-03-06 07:05)
  28. New to Gout (2021-03-08 03:15)
  29. Fellow Sufferer (2021-03-10 02:34)
  30. New to gout – need some generic advice (2021-03-11 06:20)
  31. Pain management strategies (2021-03-11 09:42)
  32. Gout attack recurrent (2021-03-15 09:12)
  33. “Grape Tomatoes”? (2021-03-27 04:05)
  34. Keto and gout (2021-04-01 10:49)
  35. Recent Gout diagnosis (2021-04-05 08:19)
  36. My doctor says gout but im not sure. Any opinion? (2021-04-24 02:14)
  37. major suffering (2021-05-01 05:51)
  38. Attack one year into AP treatment (2021-05-03 10:55)
  39. Uric Acid Crystals (2021-05-05 05:23)
  40. Gout attack length of time. (2021-05-09 11:41)
  41. Fish/Omega 3 supplements (2021-05-11 03:46)
  42. Low red blood cells/ low Haemoglobin (2021-06-02 04:01)
  43. Recurring gout (2021-07-11 12:37)

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  1. Is this really gout?Is this really gout?

    I was diagnosed with gout about a year and a half ago, but have experienced consistent on going pain for a long period prior. It’s been getting worse over time and has really started to take a massive toll on my mental well being and ability to function. I now walk with a permanent limp ...

  2. Can gout be healed without medsCan gout be healed without meds

    I have gout. It really sucks and has gotten progressively worse over the years. It started when I was 23 and now I’m 35. I have always rejected the idea of being in long term medication but I’m coming to a cross roads where I need to do something or I will be severely limited ...

  3. Alcohol abstinence and Gout FlaresAlcohol abstinence and Gout Flares

    I have been a heavier drinker than I should be for years which is how I originally discovered my gout. I recently took a break from drinking(I have abstained for 20 days). A few weeks prior to that I increased my Allopurinol from 50 mg to 100 mg per doctors suggestion. Since I quit ...

  4. 18 months of Allopurinol, somebody help me!18 months of Allopurinol, somebody help me!

    Hi there, let me start off by saying my thanks to Keith Taylor and this website for convincing me to finally get on allopurinol after some 15 years of awful suffering and flare ups. Now, the downside. 48 years old, have been taking prescribed allopurinol since Nov.11/2015. Started at 300 mgs daily. Upped dosage about this ...

  5. Allopurinol Drug – Is it Safe to take for Life?Allopurinol Drug - Is it Safe to take for Life?

    As I attempted to answer a question about allopurinol vacations today, I referred to Is Allopurinol A Lifetime Drug. I believe this is an important principle for Gout Seekers. Because many gout sufferers veer away from uric acid therapy. I’ve had this myself. In the prime of your life, you see the specter of lifelong medication. ...

  6. First gout attack, wondering do I need medsFirst gout attack, wondering do I need meds

    Got my first gout attack about 8 weeks ago – my left thumb was swollen and painful and was not able to move it. Took ibuprofen and next day was more or less ok. Now 8 weeks later the thumb is still a bit painful and it and it gets worse when walking longer ...

  7. Stopped drinking beer, good gout diet, but foot swollenStopped drinking beer, good gout diet, but foot swollen

    Stopped drinking beer, now eating and drinking all the right things swollen foot Hi all I’ve had gout on and off for many years, moved to a warmer climate and it kicked off again with my left foot being swollen and red on the side and very painful. My Wife laughs now because I like my beer ...

  8. Joint stiffness with AllopurinolJoint stiffness with Allopurinol

    Hi everyone, My doctor switched me from Febuxostat to Allopurinol since I started experiencing insomnia when I took febuxostat for 1 month. I started Allopurinol just yesterday and I had very stiff left shoulder and elbow joints on my left side when I woke up today. I just ignored it and took the dose today but ...

  9. 7+ weeks Gout Flare keeps me in Bed7+ weeks Gout Flare keeps me in Bed

    Hey ladies and gentlemen. I’ve had a very bad gout flare up since May 25th and I have been stuck in bed since. Being bed bound, I lost all my muscles on my legs. I went to the ER on June 1st, and the doctors just gave me a prescription for naproxen which I already ...

  10. Fear of allopurinol side effectsFear of allopurinol side effects

    I am 51 with a 4-year history of Gout. I have 2-3 attacks per year mostly precipitated by eating a lot of fructose or being sick. Most are minor lasting 1 day. Uric acid runs between 7.5 and 10. Doctor suggested Allopurinol, I am hesitant after reading all side effects. But I am concerned with ...

  11. Gout thumb and celebrexGout thumb and celebrex

    I’ve experienced gout in my big toe several times but suddenly last night my thumb started hurting. I thought I might have strained it working in the yard. I’m 61 so I get wear and tear pains all the time, but this went from zero to can’t hold anything in about two hours. I realized ...

  12. Gout Relief from Baking SodaGout Relief from Baking Soda

    As I have gotten older, I develop more indigestion and started taking an old remedy of baking soda in water, about 1 tsp to 6 ounces. This works wonders when lying down for the night. As I developed gout, right big toe, I stumbled onto the miracle ...

  13. Allopurinol and beerAllopurinol and beer

    Hello, I just went through my worst gout attack ever. My knee got so inflamed that I actually had to go to the emergency room to get 60 cc of joint fluid drained. The doctor had me on Prednisone for a few weeks, and now I’ve been on Colchicine for a week. He just filled ...

  14. Allopurinol itching and skin rashAllopurinol itching and skin rash

    I don’t know if its coincidence or not. I started on the colgout tablet then the allopurinol tablet. 100 mg for a week 200 mg for a week and 300 mg. Then dropped off the colgout. I developed a small rash below my belly button. I used caneston cream as I can get a heat rash in this ...

  15. Confusing Uric Acid LevelsConfusing Uric Acid Levels

    Hi, I’m a first time gout sufferer and as of right now am totally confused by my Uric Acid results. I had a physical last Aug and normal results (5.8) and that was the day after a VERY heavy drinking weekend. Below is what has me confused. Aug 28: 5.8 (Physical done the day after ...

  16. Fasting, Uric Acid, and AllopurinolFasting, Uric Acid, and Allopurinol

    Hi there I know that patients with gout or those predisposed to gout are advised against fasting due to the raising of uric acid. However does it mean fasting as in total fasting so in other words abstaining from food completely? How would this affect somebody who did a juice fast for a couple of days as ...

  17. First Gout Attack! What can I eat?First Gout Attack! What can I eat?

    I am a very active 52 year-old woman of normal weight who had a gout attack on Monday night, July 29, 2019. I have taken nothing prescribed (Colchicine 0.6 mg cap and Indomethacin 25 mg caps) as I have been too afraid of the drugs. My biggest question is, am I harming myself ...

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