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  1. Why get attack now (2017-01-09 09:20) Allopurinol Problems Solved, Colchicine Problems Solved, and Forum for Gout Patients
  2. The return of Gout! (2017-01-10 03:46) Forum for Gout Seekers
  3. Where now? (2017-01-15 05:35)
  4. UA WEEKLY TESTING RESULTS (2017-01-28 03:30) Uric Acid Blood Tests
  5. the doctor visit (2017-02-02 08:41) Allopurinol Problems Solved
  6. Week 1 of Allo (2017-02-19 03:58)
  7. Gout, Heart, and Aspirin (2017-02-20 11:39) Allopurinol Problems Solved
  8. Verbiage in articles (2017-02-25 05:56)
  9. Uric acid crystal dispersment (2017-03-05 02:51) Forum for Gout Patients and Uric Acid Crystals Forum
  10. Three Stage Gout Pain Prevention Plan (2017-03-19 01:12) Colchicine Combination Questions, Colchicine Problems Solved, and Forum for Gout Patients
  11. Thoughts on protein. (2017-04-02 06:11)
  12. What are your Gout Gamechangers? (2017-04-20 01:12) Allopurinol Problems Solved and Using GoutPal
  13. Update on attacks won't stop with Allopurinol (2017-08-02 01:10)
  14. Worst flare I have had (2018-01-05 04:44)
  15. Uris acid level measurements (2018-02-14 11:07)

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Where is Benecheck Uric Acid meter Support? BeneCheck Uric Acid Test Strip

I recently purchased a BeneCheck meter. I haven’t received it yet but I am wondering where I can buy additional uric acid test strips. I live in Arizona near Tucson. Internet searches came up short for US distributors.

Can drinking club soda help my gout? Club Soda for Gout photo

“Gout and club soda raises interesting questions. Can fizzy water help gout? Yes, with a couple of warnings. See the truth before wasting money on gout cures.” Thousands of gout sufferers have asked about club soda and gout. So, I’ve summarized some key points from old discussions: Subject Facts Discussion Summary Soda Water and Gout Best Home Remedies For Gout: Water Gout ...

Gout pain finally gone, but swelling persists Uric acid crystal dispersment - where can they go?

This popular topic answers some individual questions about persistent gout pain. So I urge you to read BigAl’s question and replies below. Because they give a good insight into different aspects of lingering gout pain control. But first, you should read some relevant gout facts. Then you can add to this discussion with your own ...

Mild gout attack? What are mild gout symptoms? Monitor your Gout Pain

Hello all, about a year and a half ago I had my first gout attack and since then I have had a further two attacks. All three were within 6 months of one another, in my ankles, and were excruciatingly painful. I haven’t had an attack in 12 months. Yesterday I noticed a dull ache in ...

What is the best febuxostat dose for gout? Adenuric 40mg (febuxostat)

How often does one need to take febuxostat if on a 40mg? I have had gout attacks for a few times and taking allopurinol did not work for years on a 300mg. I took the 40mg febuxostat just in 3 days the pain in my foot has greatly subsided. My UA is about 7+-8+. How ...

Are Gall Bladder Removal and Gout Related? Are Gall Bladder Removal and Gout linked?

Gall Bladder Removal and Gout I had my gall bladder removed a few years ago and since then I have noticed the gout creeping in. Is there any significance with that? Because of the digestion changing (no gall bladder). That message from a lapsed GoutPal member started a long discussion about gout and gallbladder. Keith concluded: Is there a ...

Blueberry antioxidants and febuxostat Blueberries and Gout photo

@nobody – hope your well. Being on Febuxostat longer then me your experience may help. My blood results have come back and the hemoglobin has recovered slightly so things seem ‘reasonably stable’. The one result that baffled me and the rheumatologist for that matter is the uric acid level climbed up to 512ummol which is ...

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