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Keith Taylor

Thanks Rod.

My only concern is that doctors might have the same misunderstanding of “normal” with iron, as they do with uric acid.

Uric acid tests are usually accompanied by a range. It’s often called “Normal” or “Reference” range. Normal is a statistical term that describes where most of the population fit. Since results are based on all tests in the sample period, they include people with medically unsafe uric acid. In other words, Normal = Medically Meaningless Nonsense.

My problem, is lack of specific information about iron blood test results. I don’t understand what is right, and what is wrong. Unlike uric acid, where I know exactly what is a safe level, I don’t understand safe iron levels.

We can do without uric acid, but the same is not true of iron. So, there must be a safe range with lower and upper limits. I also get confused by all the different types of blood test.

Anyway, as I get time, I’ll continue my review of Improving Gout & Iron Guidelines. Hopefully, from that, I can determine the relative importance of different iron tests for gout sufferers. If I can’t establish safe levels, I can at least hope to identify where results suggest further investigation.