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Keith Taylor

Pseudogout, as a form of arthritis, is in the realm of the rheumatologist. Personally, I know very little about it. In any case, as you wrote, there are lots of different types of arthritis. Gout is just one, so when not certain, I recommend starting with GoutPal Plan for Arthritis Sufferers.

I know pseudogout is much harder to treat than gout. If the doctor can identify an underlying cause that is treatable, then pseudogout can be cured.

I think gout is most likely. But, I don’t have much info to go on. Most important is uric acid history. Single results are only useful if they’re in the safe or dangerous range. Assuming your scale is mg/dL, you’re in the risky uric acid range.

I’ve just had a look at that page. I can see it needs a summary. More important, it needs to emphasize:

  1. You usually get tested first during an attack. Uric acid in the blood usually falls during an attack. This is because some uric acid has crystallized from the blood, and reduces the dissolved amount that is measured by the blood test.
  2. You need to establish your baseline uric acid level. Get another blood test once symptoms have resolved.
  3. Although the crystallization point for uric acid is deemed to be 6.8mg/dL, this is at normal blood temperature. Crystallization point falls as temperature falls.

That last point is significant in the diagnosis of symptoms. Generally speaking, gout presents first in the big toe. However, from memory, this is only about 60% of cases. It certainly was not the case with me. The first doctor I saw refuted gout because my ankle was affected, not my toe. It actually depends on personal circumstances. Environmental factors, and personal blood circulation situation will determine your “cold spots”. That is where gout will first start to show. If uric acid is not controlled, gout will spread to all joints.

There’s another factor, which is an inflammatory response. That can also vary from person to person. It’s just another factor that indicates how difficult gout diagnosis can be where symptoms are not straightforward.

So, what’s next, William?

I recommend monthly blood tests to get a true picture. I know you want to do this yourself. I just hope you are fastidious and patient enough. It takes time to establish reliable test routines. You have to be meticulous with cleanliness and consistency. I’ll help where I can.

I can also help with the rest of your list of alternative cures for gout:

Life Extension Uric Acid Support supplement 2Xday with food
Natto-Serra 2Xday
Bromelain enteric 500mg 2xday
3200mg malic Acid 3xday with food
Alfalfa in water / drink thru day

But, you are going to have to tell me everything you know about each of those, including how you expect it to affect your health. There are lots of important things you haven’t mentioned. We can deal with those later. The good news is, if that tiny list is all you are doing, I’m confident you can lower uric acid to safe levels with lifestyle changes.

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Which alternative cure for gout will you choose?