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Glad to find someone like you. The last time I have been to a doctor before that is 20+ years ago unless i need a test done. I had a zillion symptoms back then but doctors were useless in regard to diagnose and extremely useless in regard to finding cures for things. So many things I had, conventional medicine would claim there is no cure for but I would find a cure thru persistence.

Life Extension Uric Acid Support supplement 2Xday with food

This is a xanthine oxidase inhibitor without side effects. The only thing I am wondering about is dose. I am taking it twice a day but I am thinking that it may be better to take 3 or 4 a day at least until things resolve or until i get meter to assure me i am low enough.

Natto-Serra 2Xday … not just for gout … taken this for last 8+ years

I had peripheral artery disease 10+ years ago. I did cure it with the Nattokinase Serrapeptase combination 8+ yers ago. I think circulation is important in getting any nutrients to locations in the body.

Bromelain enteric 500mg 2xday / Life Extension 5-Lox inhibitor

This I will use this specifically for any inflammation in this condition. I have no inflammation on surface but mine is deeper in muscle. The interesting thing about 5-Lox is that long-term side effects are non existent and I have searched for years.

3200mg malic Acid 3xday with food

This is the major weapon I am using against Gout. The active ingredient in Tart cherries and other things that addresses Gout is Malic Acid. This alkinalizes the blood and dissolves the uric acid crystals. Malic acid will also dissolve gallbladder stones and kidney uric acid stones

Alfalfa in water / drink thru day / Uvi Ursa (just added and will take for a couple weeks)

This is used in chinese medicine for gallbladder, kidney and bladder. Besides needing to dissolve the crystals and pull them into the bloodstream, one needs to excrete them out. This contains potassium and other minerals so it alkalizes the blood and may possibly bind to the uric acid to help excrete them easier. For all I know, the more root problem may be with the liver-gallbladder-kidney-bladder area not removing the uric acid from blood so I need to be due diligent about looking at it from this angle. Dissolving the crystals is useless unless one can excrete them.

The uva ursi is for kidney and bladder also. It needs to be taken with baking soda since it needs an alkaline environment to release it’s active ingredient. It’s used primarily for kidney/urinary tract infections that can’t be solved with mannose. It is very potent for that but should not be taken long term.

I initially tried baking soda but decided that I may be getting too much salt but more importantly drinking too much water would strip minerals out of my body whereas alfalfa would replenish many of the minerals.

Curcumin BCM 95 … i take this everyday anyway
blueberry leaf … specifically for anthocyanins
dmso … experimented a little. they say it dissolves crystals
renavive … i have some so i can add this to too if i want
celery seed … taken this would be redundant since i am already taking xanthine oxidase inhibitor and kidney stuff

Other things I take


This manages my Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia and Occipital Neuralgia relatively well. I have methylation problems so I have severe problems taking methylfolate and methylcobalamin so this inhibits me from doing what i need to do to regenerate sheath around trigeminal nerve.

I take Primaforce Cissus. It immediately helped with pain for shoulder but not enough to cure it. I use it primarily for sleep. It allows me to sleep restfully everyday. This was a good find for me. Plus it has many health benefits.

This is the main things

When I get the uric acid meter, i will try to be meticulous as possible in taking the reading. i will practice. For me, having some assurance that my uric acid levels are low even if there are symptoms is good to know from a psychological perspective since I figure any dissolving of the crystals could cause things to get worse before they get better. It will also assure me that my diet is healthy enough. It will help me detect what things are making it worse.


I already stay away from HFCS and minimize sugar and chemicals in foods. Studies have said that it is animal protein which increases purine. Not all protein. I should be able to eat this if I can figure out why my body can’t eliminate purine. Since most purine comes from dying cells, I think controlling it thru diet is not real solution. I need to excrete it out

They say pseudogout pain strikes knee first. They say gout pain attacks toe first. I had neither. This doesn’t mean I won’t get struck there eventually but not problem so far.

When crystals do dissolve, does this cause symptoms to get worse and for how long.

When is best time of day to measure uric acid levels