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Keith Taylor

Thanks again William. Keep the info coming, but let’s have a bit of organization.

Your early paragraphs in last response are interesting. But, not particularly gout-related. Please consider writing more in General Discussion. That helps me get to know you. I hope it might also encourage others to write there.

Let’s just say that doctors are a gout control resource. Useful for tests and safety checks. For tests, I believe there’s an American Culture of walk-in labs. Are these feasible for you, William?

Although your gout diagnosis is not 100%, your uric acid is high. So, I believe it is sensible to lower it. Most gout sufferers have other conditions that contribute to the malaise. Maybe your shoulder is something different. It won’t harm to lower uric acid as far below 6 as possible.

My next step is to set up a subforum dedicated to you, William. I’m going to organize personal forums by Gout Group. Which Gout Group do you most identify yourself with, William?