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Even if it turns out I didn’t have gout, learning about it is still useful since i am aging. and many people accumulate these crystals with no symptoms. i wouldn’t want them to keep building up in me. it still wouldn’t preclude it either to at least some minor degree either.

keeping an eye on uric acid levels and keeping them at lower levels is useful. since i have compromised immune system, i try to head off problems before they get to a major stage. maybe too much sugar and hfcs likely drives gout more than meat purines drives gout in many people or leads to it.

i did come across a link posting where a lot of people have the bicep problem and they dont know what it is. doctors and surgery were useless. some solved it with some type of stretching/exercise but i have to research that to understand it more. it would explain to some extent how i exercised my other arm to be more functional but i didnt do anything to heal the tricep part. so i will have to study the bicep/tricep aspect on a deeper level for now. things like ultrasound could help. maybe use my tooth brush

i know i dont have frozen shoulder or calcific tendonitis. the cure for that would likely be magnesium. i take magnesium every day for years.

i did find doctors that diagnose pseudogout but appointments with them take months to get so useless. these type of problems outside the box are probably not within that box where they can give useful advice.