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Hey Mike,

Dude, Gout attacks suck. Those of us who have had them know this all too well. Let’s start off easy here. It sounds like you know what Gout is, and it sounds like you may have had an attack before. So let’s start here:

Have you ever had blood work done to measure exactly where your Uric Acid stands? If not, do so when possible. That way, you will know for sure if your Uric Acid is high or at least above what we call “the Danger Zone”.

Next, if it is high, do yourself a favor and go see a rheumotologist and BE SURE to bring your blood test results with you. Go over them. Especially the Uric Acid section. He/she may want to start you on medication right away (depending on how aggressive they are) or they may want to do some additional tests to check your liver and kidney functions.

Next, do you have a history of Gout in your family? Ask around. Many of your relatives (even your father) are usually not very forthcoming telling people they have Gout. The old stigma surrounding Gout (regal condition, it’s a “drunks” condition, etc.) will often lead people to not disclose they have it. Bottom line is roughly 85% of people who have Gout have received it through genetics. It may have been passed on to you through family history. Who knows? Ask around.

Lastly, kind of personal question…..are you overweight, or can you afford to lose “a few pounds?” With proper diet, hydration, and exercise these few things can help your overall lifestyle and maybe help control future Gout attacks. Notice I said “CAN HELP”. These things alone will NOT stop future attacks until you can control your Uric Acid fully. I speak from experience here. I did the diet, exercise, healthy eating, no alcohol, no red meat, herbs stuff for over a year. Dropped 14 pounds, and only dropped my Uric Acid from 7.8 to 7.6. Talk about a kick to the groin. It blew me away.

I got on Allopurinol in January with a sky high Uric Acid of 9.6. By July it was down to 4.8. I continue to exercise, eat right, hydrate, and enjoy a Gout Attack free life, so far. I still wake up every day wondering when my next attack may happen, but through this site, research and talking to others I’m hoping the next attack will never come. I know this is a long response, but don’t fall into the misinformation trap or the rumor mill. Do your homework and stick around this website. It will help you a lot.