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Keith Taylor

Like all gout treatment, your exercise has to be personal. So, I should ask what exercise you like to do. Then, I can research the specifics rather than just give general advice. I’ve already written a lot of general advice about gout and exercise. You can easily find this by searching gout exercise in the search box at the top of every page. The key points are:

  • Exercise is good for gout.
  • Exercise for gout should be gentle and regular.
  • Most gout sufferers have damaged joints. Therefore, gout sufferers should avoid exercise that stress ligaments and other parts of joints.

That last part is where we can look at specific exercises. One idea I’ve had for a few years is to checkout different exercises from a gout point of view. I’m fairly certain that swimming is very good. But, I don’t know what the limits are. For instance, I can imagine a few lengths of butterfly puts enormous strain on the shoulders. For most gout sufferers, the shoulders only get affected after several years of uric acid crystal buildup. But, everyone is different.

Once we realize gout exercise has to be personal, it’s easy to create a healthy plan. Safety should recognize which individual joints have been affected by gout. And, which joints are most likely to be affected in the near future. Then, safe gout exercise is a mix of personal favorites and safe ways to do those favorite exercises. I have a reliable source of advice, as my son-in-law is a qualified trainer.

Back to you. What are your favorite exercises?

Does gout make your feet sore like running a marathon?

Does gout make your feet sore like running a marathon?