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Keith Taylor

Sorry for the delay in responding, Bob. Sometimes I miss things.

Is anyone else thinking I’ve forgotten to respond to a post? The best thing to do is to add another reply here in the forum. That way, I’ll see it during my daily review of new topics and replies. It is best to add some more useful information about you and your gout. The more information I have, the better I can respond.

In your case, Bob, I can’t really answer you, as I have virtually no information. The advice I gave to Rhys was very specific to him, based on the information he gave me about his current healthy diet, and his uric acid levels.

If you’re living on burgers, then you will never control your gout.

I suggest you start a new topic, Bob. Include information about your gout symptoms, and your uric acid levels. If you want advice about diet, I need a lot more information about what you currently eat. Also tell me about things you want to eat, but feel that you cannot.

And for a shorter answer:
No! A glass of milk will not neutralize the purines in a ground chuck burger. It is possible to make burgers that will fit into a gout diet as a monthly treat. We’re a long way from that. And turkey burgers, unless they are part of a well-balanced gout diet, are almost as bad as beef.