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Keith Taylor

Hey, don’t get me started on the beer and gout issue!

Oh, alright then…

I do not believe that beer has a strong influence on gout. People have strong views on it, but there is no strong science. I feel you have to listen to your body, not the rhetoric. A recent contributor claimed falling uric acid when drinking 5 pints of British ale each day.

If drinking beer gives you gout attacks, then stop drinking beer. If it doesn’t, then enjoy it. But be careful of false associations. It is very easy to blame beer when something else caused the gout attack. And, as you’ve experienced, lowering uric acid can cause attacks. So, to test properly, you have to measure uric acid each month. Between uric acid tests, you must record daily gout symptoms. Take alternate months with IPA (or whatever) and without IPA. Repeat until you can see clear results.

Of course, if you are on allopurinol, this experiment won’t work. Once allopurinol has dissolved most of your old crystals, you can eat and drink whatever you like. However, moderation is best. You don’t want to control your gout, then go on binges that promote heart disease, diabetes, or other diseases associated with bad diet.

You can definitely look forward to the occasional IPA in the near future! 😀