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Keith Taylor

The obsession with relating food (including alcohol) to gout is partly an inbuilt human desire to form connections. The Internet proliferation of unsubstantiated nonsense is more sinister. It’s used as fuel to sell unworthy information or treatments.

Misinformation is a well known tactic of fraudsters. Make a false claim, then defy anyone to disprove it. In my opinion, it’s best ignored. Gout information should be referenced to peer-reviewed science. It’s not perfect, but anything else is merely opinion.

Now that I understand purine metabolism better, I’m shocked that anyone should be obsessed with the effect of beer on uric acid. It’s mostly hyperbole, because the only valid test is the one I outlined above. It’s a test that is very rarely done. When crossover trials with alcohol are performed on gout sufferers, they always show mixed results.

Gout treatment must be personal. And that is what professional rheumatologists recommend. Sometimes I can’t help ranting about misinformation. But the truth is, most gout sufferers can be helped. It’s just a matter of focusing on personal gout facts and attitudes. Then we can find personal gout control that works.

By the way, uric acid levels are extremely important to gout management. But, there is no correlation between an isolated uric acid blood test result, and gout symptoms. Just as there is no correlation between the amount of rainfall on your roof, and the pressure of water through your faucet.

Last year you grew lots of uric acid crystals. This year you’re paying the price. Was beer to blame? I don’t know. But, I’d want to review your calorie intake and weight before I formed a working hypothesis.