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Keith Taylor

I’m minutes away from releasing a guide to the first steps for Arthritis Sufferers. It’s called Gouty Arthritis Sufferer Or Not?

I’m hoping that once I’ve got the first Gout Group started, I can quickly work through the others.

Part of the new guide deals with the issue where people do not want to discuss health problems in public. I’m determined to keep my advice public so that everyone can benefit. But, it is perfectly reasonable to follow a trail of relevant website pages privately. Instead of getting personal help in my forum, private people can keep their own notes.

So, I will start producing reading list guides, and research recommendations, for each group. These will help people who want to remain private. They will also help people who are getting structured help here in the forums.

I’ve added this note here as a reminder to myself, more than a useful contribution to this thread.

But, as ever, I appreciate any thoughts you have on improving the quality of support.

What would you like to see in a reading and research guide?