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Irma Reitz

Hello Keith.

Thank you so much for all you do for us. I have read your very informative article on ‘Gouty Arthritis Sufferer on Not’. I am in the second category ‘I Think I have gout but my doc does not agree’. I am encouraged by your article because even if it turns out that I do not have gout, there is still a whole lot of help there to manage pain.

I collected my blood tests results and am not too sure on how to read them. I have used your Uric acid calculator and I think my level is 6.5.

My serum analysis is as follows:- please will you help me to discipher the numbers.
S-urate 0.38 H 0.15-0.36mmol/L

I forgot to mention that I have Vogel Multiforce alkaline powder first thing every morning in an attempt to become less acidic as I thought it was acidity that was causing the pain and also have a teaspoon of ginger powder in hot water as my early morning drink. Ugh! I’ll try most things to try to alleviate or control my discomfort.

Re weights – I thought I would try out for Tokyo Olympics!…