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Hi Keith no I didn’t mean gout pal..I’m so sorry if I didn’t make myself clear..I guess I just needed to vent for a minute about the sites I’ve been to they all seem to start out the same way” is it gout?” Here are the symptoms ECT.. I have been on my gout diet for months and I’m also diabetic so some of the things that would be healthy for that I can’t eat with gout I realize that each gout sufferer is different but I’m so confused about good gout food and bad gout foods..I’m afraid to try very many foods right now because I’ve been down with this attack for over 2 weeks now both feet swelled and hurting so bad that every step I take like walking on broken glass but you know how that is..if you could would you email me a list of some menus? I would really appreciate that..and I’m so thankful that you are here to help ok..god bless you.