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Hi Irma. Your question is an interesting one. Who prescribed you Allopurinol and Colchicine in the first place? Maybe not Colchicine, but for sure Allopuinol, you should have had blood work done before that medication was prescibed to you. I realize you are from South Africa and I’m not versed on how they do things medically over there, but Allopurinol is usually prescribed after a liver function and kidney function blood test was done. This is to insure your body will be able to handle the medication, and the 100mg starting dose is pretty normal.

I started they same way as you. 100MG of Allopurinol and 0.6MG of Colchicine taken for 60 days, then a blood retest. So if you have had blood work done, and were prescribed Allopurinol, I guess my question is why haven’t you been taking those medications already?

If you haven’t had blood work done prior, I’d be hesitant to start a medication without doctor oversight. I don’t know you’re medical history (diabetes, renal issues, hepatitus, etc.) so answering that question is nearly impossible. Your doctor should have that info. Be careful.