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Irma Reitz

Hi Keith
I was just getting impatient to get my pain under control and after reading about how you and other gout sufferers are managing your gout, I decided I would try to sort myself out. I have little faith in some of the doctors who just fob you off without getting to the cause of the problem. I have never been prescribed either colchicine or allopurinol, but asked my pharmacist what I could take and he gave me the Meds. When I asked if I needed a script he said no, but now that I have them I am a bit apprehensive and don’t want to take unnecessary risks. Your answer is very clear regarding the need to have blood work done first, so I guess it would be better to wait until I can get to see the rheumatologist. I have used colchicine together with paracetamol previously and it definitely helped with pain, which is sometimes worse than at other other times. (I have always thought it had something to do with what I ate or drank). I have learned so much from this site, which will help me to ask and expect answers from my doc. Thank you for that. Knowledge is definitely power!!