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Gout Patient

I’m trying to remember myself..! 🙂

I had a massive flare-up initially, eventually followed by the diagnosis. This was all done through my work’s private medical healthcare.

Went to the GP, who did a blood test and got the 8 July: 5.6 mmol/L (Serum UREA level). Gave me some colchicine which appeared to help but then there was a second flare-up.

so I went back to the GP, who gave me Naproxen and Allopurinol. I took the naproxen for about a week until the swelling subsided and then started allopurinol, which I’ve been on ever since (200 mg per day) leading to these results:

28 July: 309 µmol/L (Serum URATE level)
19 August: 337 µmol/L (Serum URATE level)

In terms of symptoms, there’s no real pain, just a little soreness and a small smount of swelling which is only properly visible when I look at my feet side by side!

GP appointment next Wednesday, we’ll see what they say!