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Gout Foodie

Gout is the result of urate levels being too high for your body to process, therefore some crystallises in joints. And genetics is largely responsible, along with metabolic syndrome (usually from being over-weight). That about sums up the problem. If you need to take anti-inflammatories you are not taking enough Allopurinol. Men can take up to 600mg per day. The doctor gave me that short but oh-so-sweet explanation in less than a minute. He has one patient who is taking 900mg per day. I now take 500mg per day and my gout is remaining controlled. Purines, the pre-cursor to urate are in all foods. It is the basic building bloc of food, but is present in higher quantities in some foods more than others. Being a non beer drinking (usually) vegan means I don’t eat purine heavy foods anyway. I am also trying to lose weight, but honestly, I win a few battles, but I am losing the war. I am seriously thinking about bariatric surgery. So if you are on Allopurinol, but still getting attacks, you are not taking enough.