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Irma Reitz

Wow Keith! You are so right – I should not be taking alkalising supplements, but I am feeling desperate as I am in pain and I thought that it might help. Your article on alkaline diet is really interesting. There is so much info that I am struggling to absorb it all and can’t remember what have just read, so I keep re-reading. Maybe some will stick! I am trying to plan a diet to help my gout and arthritis. I need to loose weight which I know will help, but at this stage all I’m trying to do is get my pain under control. I think that I normally have a healthy diet, although I do go off the rails now and again. I can’t get to see the rheumatologist for 3 weeks, which seems like such a long way off. Today was particularly bad, as I had a bad night and am very tearful and depressed. I am encouraged when I browse this site, because it gives me hope. Thank you again.