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Carolyn Poulter

Hi Irma, I have nothing factual to add to Keith’s advice, he has done the research and thanks to this site I have researched more and more and am beginning to find answers to my particular situation.

What Keith gives us is access to answers to our many questions and, perhaps most of all, the reassurance that we are all different when it comes to gout and how to overcome stereotypical thinking by our doctors.

Any old how, as they say on corny US sit-coms, I feel your pain. I know just how you feel at least for me, the pain over-rides all sensible or ludicrous thought. On a scale on 1 to 10 with 10 being childbirth – and in my day no epidurals unless you pre-booked them so for me it was ‘Like or lump it girl’. When I had my third son he was over 9 pounds I did grab hubby’s chest hairs through the gown and said ‘This is all your effing fault!’ and he did get a vasectomy a couple of weeks later but I am digressing, yet again – on that scale 1-10 I would say gout is a firm 11 or 12.

It is just horrible and until you have experienced it first hand, you just can’t understand how painful it is. Nor can you convey that to other people like doctors. If they’ve never had it, they will never understand.

Hang in there, keep asking questions and don’t take their (doctors) answer as gospel. Doctors, GP’s, are great, they work hard, but they are basically clearing houses. They identify and send you to a specialist, or they identify and say ‘it will go away’.

Please keep sharing your experiences. It might not match or ‘fix’ my problem but everything I learn about the condition helps and I fell more in control because of that. Hope I am making sense here. Just took my daily Allopurinol tablet and that always sends me a bit squiffy.