Reply To: Krystexxa Experience

Carolyn Poulter

I will google it Patrick. I am not keen to try drugs at the best of times, have had some nasty allergic reactions but now that I am past the first weeks of reaction to Allopurinol I too will keep going. I am on 300mgs a day right now, next blood work in about 6 weeks.

BUT I to want to add my thanks to John for sharing his experience. It seems increasingly obvious to me that we must all do our own research. And share, share, share on sites like this. What a strange condition this Gout thing is. So many different experiences and symptoms – with the common denominator – it hurts like H***!

Much though I love my GP, he’s a sweet and caring man, clearly GP’s are basically a kind of clearing house – either it’s ‘Take two aspirin and call me next week if you don’t feel better’ OR ‘Well, you’ve got the Dreaded Lurgy and you’re stuffed, I can’t do anything for you but I’ll try to make an appointment for you to see a specialist who will tell you the same thing.’ It’s a Goon Show reference which will mean nothing to people below a certain age and also people from outside the UK. If you are completely laid up because of the Gout then YouTube ‘The Goon Show’ I promise it will make you laugh and possibly forget the pain for at least 30 seconds.