Reply To: Krystexxa Experience

John Temple

I wasn’t able to find much about Krystexxa (pegliricase) before I started the infusion therapy. What are the possible side effects that you uncovered?

I asked my PCP/Internal Medicene MD about the Tophi numerous times and he never knew what they were but did treat my gout flare ups. I went to a foot surgeon and to a podiatrist who both said it was from gout and both strongly advised against surgery. I finally visited a rheumatologist who was the first MD who was able to explain the cause and the possible treatments. No surgery, he said. My choices were 3 years on allopurinol or 6 months on Krystexxa. Once they got the treatment approved by BlueCross, I went with the infusion. The Tophi had caused some bone erosion which would worsen, he said.

Each infusion contains only a tiny 8mg of pegloticase in a bag of fluid.

Talk to a rheumatologist.