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Keith Taylor

Krystexxa for Gout

Krystexxa for Gout

Thank you, John!

I’ve been following the progress of Krystexxa since it was first developed as PEG-Uricase, and later pegloticase. I think you are only the second or third case I’ve heard of.

For those that need it, it is often the only way to get gout free. Like many drugs, it isn’t tolerated by everyone. And of course, people have to make their own decisions regarding the safety of medicines versus dangers of gout.

I think all gout sufferers can learn something from Krystexxa:

  • It shows that very low, even zero, uric acid is safe.
  • It shows that very low uric acid will shrink tophi.

I believe those facts support the view that uric acid lowering, for the first 6 months to 1 year, should aim as low as possible. Other commentators agree with this. I even remember a suggestion that uric acid lowering treatment might become an annual event for a few weeks to get uric acid as low as possible. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the reference.

One thing puzzles me – colchicine prices. I thought that the exclusive Colcrys license had expired, and generic colchicine available at reasonable prices. I reported that Prasco Labs had been authorized to produce generic colchicine in January 2015. Has anyone seen any change in this at the pharmacy counter?