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Keith Taylor

Irma, your last response is very close to what I was about to suggest.

Gout pain lingers, for most people I encounter in this forum, for one simple reason. They don’t take pain meds at gout strength. OTC doses are fine for those days when the gout pain isn’t too bad. For a full blown attack, it has to be a medically prescribed gout strength dose.

The other thing is that a combination is almost always required.

Colchicine slows inflammation but does nothing for immediate pain. It should be taken daily as a preventative (usually at the start of uric acid treatment), or as required. If taken as required, you have to take it at the first sign of an attack.

Anti-inflammatories are good for reducing inflammation, and this reduces pain.

Paracetamol blocks any residual pain.

Always check with your doctor, or a pharmacist, that combinations are safe. They will also advise what is the safe maximum for bad gout days.

The only other thing is to keep mobile. When pain hits, you often want to curl up in bed. But, the pain goes quicker, in my experience, with gentle exercise. Therefore, once the meds have made pain bearable, go for a walk, or a swim. This is vital advice for holiday enjoyment. Once you take control of gout pain, the tears pass. Then, you can focus on controlling uric acid, and stay gout free forever.