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Carolyn Poulter

Irma, I am so sorry to hear the pain is back.

I have been on Allapurinol now for about 6 weeks and once the huge flare up had finally started to wane I have been trying to cut back on the pain-killers. Paracetomol with Codeine is prescription only here and I didn’t bother to ask the doctor for that. He did give me seven days of an anti-inflammatory, no idea if it helped or not, the pain was so bad I would have been happy being hit over the head with a mallet and knocked out so I fully understand you being a bit naughty and taking your husband’s pills.

BUT this Tuesday I woke up and said to hubby ‘I can feel my feet and they don’t hurt!’ Then I got up to go to the loo and ouch ouch ouch ouch, but not as bad as before. Wednesday I finally got outside, albeit with a walking stick, sighed because of the drought my garden is toast and came back indoors. Yesterday I walked down to the mail box, 500 yard driveway and very steep and only twinged a bit. Today it seems even better, just the odd twinge in my feet and base of my thumbs. Slow release Ibuprofen keeps it to a dull burn.

I am going to ask the doctor to keep me on the Allopurinol, he might resist, but I am going to try to stand my ground. Here we have to pay the full price of drugs, it’s not like the UK prescription charge thing, but Alan’s insurance is covering 75% of it at the moment. I am not very good at standing up for myself with authority figures like doctors but I will try. You should see me going through customs, I always feel like my face looks guilty and I’m not!

I do hope you feel better soon. I have been looking into rapid weight loss/crash diets/anorexia and gout. I also had a dip back into anorexia way back in my late 20’s and had gall bladder problems. Gall bladder removed when I was 30. In a mental hospital which my husband just loves to tell people about – long story I won’t bore you with here, maybe on an off-topic discussion.

I am also trying to be more mobile as Keith advises. I am sure he is right though it is oh so tempting to just curl up and whimper. Ballet dancing is probably now in my past but then, even after 13 years of classes when I was in school I was always more of a Fantasia Hippo than Swan Lake. Instead I am planning on walking more and more each day. Alan is off work next week and I have booked a couple f nights away – hotel, swimming pool, hot tub, nice meals and not quite real champagne, and if the weather is good, a trip on the Thousand Island Cruise – which is basically us with a bunch of others on a boat, drinking wine while we look at very posh houses on private islands which I am sure the rich people hate as we float by waving at them! Heh.

Get well soon Irma!