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Keith Taylor

In a hurry, I said “The only other thing is to keep mobile.”

That’s not strictly true.

The 3-pronged attack on pain is vital: Block Inflammation (colchicine). Reduce Inflammation (Anti-Inflammatory). Block Pain (Paracetamol/Acetaminophen, etc, etc). And, it’s vital that the package is dosed to gout strength and safety checked by a qualified doctor or pharmacist.

If that is done right, mobility should not be an issue. You might have some residual stiffness for the first 20-50 yards. But, that should pass. If not, do not push too hard – residual pain after your 3-pronged combination is an indication the package isn’t right.

The most important “other thing” is personalization.

I do not know of alternatives to colchicine, so leave it out if you can’t tolerate it. Some people opt for a steroid shot instead of colchicine/anti-inflammatory combo. Not for me, but it’s your choice. There are hundreds of anti-inflammatories and pain blockers. If your current choice isn’t working for you, ask your doctor for something else.