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Carolyn Poulter

Gosh I remember Rennies but no, haven’t found that formula here in Canada but have only searched a little bit. We do have Gaviscon in the house, Pepto Bismol, even Milk of Magnesia, but all only used rarely. We are both great fans of spicy food but as we get older we find we pay the price a bit. Heck what am I talking about, as we get older EVERYTHING! has a price. If anyone young is reading this: eat, drink and be merry and add a dash of spice because all too soon…… that will be long gone. After that…. prrrp (pardon!), burp (pardon!), Scuse me! Where’s the loo? (pardon!)

It is an interesting observation though. I do hope and encourage others to comment on this. Who knows, might be on to an entire new treatment. In which case, we should probably all buy shares………. just sayin’.