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Keith Taylor

Thanks Carolyn. I guess that confirms my thoughts about Rennies. Every other antacid I looked at had some aluminum salts, or more exotic chemicals. Rennies seems to be a Ca-Mg carbonate combo that’s uniquely British. On the other hand, Carolyn’s description of the ravages of age seem very global, probably universal! 😉 😀

I’m wondering if it’s more quackery along the lines of baking soda. My take on that is something like:
If you screw up your bodies chemistry, it just might interfere with the complicated gout pain pathway. That means you feel less gout pain – Hooray! 😆
But, the uric acid crystals you are ignoring continue to destroy tendons, cartilage, and bone. Then, they collect in lumps that damage your skin, kidneys, heart and all other organs except the brain – Boo! 😥

I assume the brain is spared so that dying gout victims can reflect on the stupid ignorance of their younger self.

The moral of that story is:
Control gout pain WHILE you control uric acid. Not INSTEAD OF!