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Keith Taylor

Thank you for your kind words, Andrew.

Here’s another example of my logic. It’s incomplete, because I don’t have all the facts. So, let’s call it a possibility. The most important missing fact is how long uric acid crystals have been building up in your body.

Usually, it takes a few years before uric acid crystals make their presence felt, as your first gout attack. Let me guess at five years.

Typically, it takes at least a year from the first attack before gout patients start uric acid lowering. So, I’m now guessing 6 years of uric acid crystals.

I have a rough ‘rule of thumb’ that it takes a month for every year of uric acid crystal buildup, to remove the risk of gout flares. There’s no real science to that. It’s just a general feel after 20 years of reading and writing about gout. You can shorten that period with lower uric acid, e.g, 3mg/dL or lower. You can lengthen it if allopurinol dose isn’t enough to get below 5.

My logic is that the most likely explanation, of what you are experiencing, is a usual reaction to lowering uric acid. And, it’s likely to continue for a few more months. Of course, you might be unlucky to have another arthritic disease running alongside gout. But, I think the most likely explanation is old crystals dissolving. In your position, I wouldn’t worry about other diseases just yet. Personally, I’d increase allopurinol to speed the debulking process. But, that’s just my personal choice.

I think your doing fine, Andrew. But, it’s perfectly natural to be apprehensive. Just keep posting about your concerns. It should make recovery easier.