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Carolyn Poulter

I am on 300 mg Allapurinol, first prescription. I can’t believe the difference it has made. I can walk again. I might not be the prima ballerina in this year’s Toronto Nutcracker but I am moving again and anyway even though I do actually love the ballet and have been a number of times to see that particular one and others in London I can never really get through any ballet performance without seeing Morcambe and Wise doing their ballet skit… ahem, sorry, I am easily distracted.

Any old how, I can move again. I had a rash in the first few weeks but that has gone. I also seemed to be running some kind of fever for about 3 weeks – over 101F but that has also gone. I have noticed…… how do I say this and still maintain the illusion of being a lady……… urgent need to rush to the loo and things can be somewhat loose? Only once a day and as I tended towards to opposite all my life I think this is evening things out.

I head back to the doctor next week and I am going to try to be brave and insist on staying on the Allapurinol. I am not very good at insisting but I really don’t want to slide back. I just know he’s going to take another armful of blood, the vampire….

I have noticed I am a bit tired and not as strong as I was, we live in a funny shaped house and the main living area is on the middle floor, so steps up to our front door, stairs down to basement with things like washing machine, freezer, spare bedroom and stairs up to our bedroom… right now I am doing the one-step-at-a-time thing. But then, I am 62 so who knows, might have done that anyway.

So in my usual long-winded and peripatetic way I am saying to everyone else here, hang in there, we really DO feel your pain and go with your own instincts. Yes take doctors advice but you know you best.

Gosh I am really not explaining this well!