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Lowell Andrew F.

Hi Carolyn, congrats, glad to hear this and remember (I think I read this here) it’s always good to give blood as it removes some of the acid!

I stopped allopurinol as the rash was bothering me and the doc advised stopping because my level was 4.9. The rash was very similar to some others who have posted here in that it was a thin horizontal line right along the belt line and expanded to a few other round patches nearby. I think I can adequately control it with diet now that I’ve disciplined myself 😉 I have had the pain in fingers/toes since stopping 2.5 days ago but it’s manageable enough with ibuprofen and cherry juice.

Anyone else notice that “acid” feel in your urine after cherry juice? Holy cow. I hope that is the uric acid I feel coming out and not the feel of the (basic?) cherry juice. Has anyone ever had too much of that stuff? I drink the syrup but there’s never a dosage mentioned so I do 1/4 – 1/2 cup of the 32 oz bottle that says “juice from 2,000 cherries”.

Also, I’ve been lifting a lot of weights in an attempt to use up some protein by building muscle, who knows if it helps but at least it gets me moving. I’d like to run but I think my feet would hurt too much afterwards.

Keith, thanks again for all your attention, you are obviously a great guy, I doubted the site at first thinking someone was at it to turn a profit, and I sincerely apologize for that!! It was the untrusting westerner in me I suppose 🙁

Nothing urgent here so don’t feel obligated to keep writing, there are many others to get out of pain and I read all the posts so will continue trying to help when I feel qualified…