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Keith Taylor

Hi Irma,

I’m sad reading your pain problems. It’s really bad timing when it spoils a holiday. We tend to push ourselves. And unfamiliar sleeping and traveling adds extra stresses and strains. In the past, I’ve comforted myself with gout pain therapy that works for me. But, you seem to be taking the sort of combination that I’ve relied on in the past.

I’m concerned that you’re mixing 3 different NSAIDs. I believe: coxflam is meloxicam (Mobic), Vimovo is naproxen (Aleve, Naprosyn), and Volaren is diclofenac. Is this prescription controlled?

I think you need a doctor or pharmacist to review your combination urgently. Apart from my safety concern, I’m worried that you are not on the right dose. When pain is particularly severe, it’s vital to get the dose right. Of course, we always have to avoid overdose. We also need to see pain control as a short term solution. And, we need monthly kidney and liver function tests to guard against side effects. But, if the dose is not strong enough, the pain relief is largely a waste of time.

This applies to everyone, Irma. I’m not just picking on you. But, dosage is crucial when we are talking about gout medicines. One colchicine means nothing. Dosage descriptions should be something like: “0.6mg colchicine at bedtime, followed by 0.6mg colchicine in the morning if symptoms persist.”

Similarly, the anti-inflammatory and analgesic descriptions are very vague. I feel you’re floating somewhere between overdose risk and ineffectual underdose. It’s very worrying.

Finally, Irma, you’ve posted this in Personal Gout Diaries. Are you applying for a diary, or shall I move this to General Gout?