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Keith Taylor

No apology necessary Andrew! On my to-do list for longer than it should be is a note to explain my business model better. I’ll make an effort to do that. But, It’s Your GoutPal. I encourage members to question me directly about it. I want to be open, but my first concern is to give gout advice. That is primarily through general guidelines on But, gout management has to be personal, so I give personal help in these forums.

I have a lot of work to do. I published to learn about my own gout. So, it’s heavily criticized for being hard to navigate. I don’t need it anymore. But, rather than close it, I’m trying to turn it into a better gout resource for everyone. I started that by identifying types of gout sufferer. Now, I’m reviewing every page to identify which gout group the information is relevant to. I’m also creating plans, lessons, and therapies that guide gout sufferers on a step-by-step journey to gout freedom.

It’s very exciting. Especially this week, as Carolyn has offered to start spreading the word in social networks.

I’ve never made a secret of the fact that GoutPal is funded by advertising. I also get product commissions from Amazon, eBay and similar. I haven’t kept that up-to-date. It’s another mini-project on the todo list.

So, money is certainly involved. I have to live. I’m proud that 2016 is, so far, the longest I’ve been able to sustain 100% income from my websites. There’s a huge “But” missing from that sentence. I won’t bore gout sufferers further with my personal situation, here. However, if you are interested, please ask in General Discussion. I want to explain to any doubters how this works. You are right to doubt. I am not your usual gout exploiter, and you deserve to know more about me.

Getting back to gout. Andrew, you’re the second GoutPal member today to worry me.

You’ve started recovery with allopurinol. But you stopped it without an alternative plan. You’ve taken up body-building, which brings me more visitors than any other pastime (explanation available for the asking).