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Good Luck to Andrew. I just have a question. Are you still taking Allopurinol or did your doctor only prescribe you a 2 month (8 week) supply?

I ask because whatever MG’s you were taking (100 MG, 200, 300 etc.) obviously seemed to work for you and I’d be concerned for you if you stopped taking the medication now. 8 weeks is a very short time frame to undo what could have been several years worth of Uric Acid crystal build up.

If your doctor doesn’t think you have Gout, then why did he/she prescribe you a medication that has been proven to reduce Uric Acid…..the cause of Gout in the first place? That doesn’t even make sense. That’s like a doctor prescribing Lipitor to a patient to reduce Cholesterol, but telling the patient she doesn’t have to worry about plaque build up in your coronary arteries or future heart issues.

Very head scratching, and these are questions you should be asking your Rhuemotologist very pointedly. Good luck and try and stay pain free.