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Keith Taylor

Andrew, you’ve got better percentages than me! You’ve got one third (33%) doctors who understand gout. I’ve only manage one in five (20%)! ❗

Actually, you are probably nearer two thirds. Your rheumy said there is no such thing as “pre-gout”. He has some gout knowledge, but he needs a good thesaurus. What you describe as “pre-gout” is known in the medical profession as “inter-critical gout”. Patrick just reminded us how dangerous inter-critical gout is. Even when you have no obvious gout symptoms, uric acid crystals are dangerous.

Why not invite your doctors here? I can congratulate your primary doc. I can show your best friend my gout symptoms survey that proves gout is more than a swollen big toe. I can help your rheumy create a gout thesaurus linking medical gout terms with common layman gout terms.

I don’t really like all this doctor baiting. I’m here to help you, Andrew. Not try prove medical points. You have a uric acid problem that should be easily controlled. If allopurinol isn’t right for you, there are other uric acid lowering meds. If pharmaceuticals don’t suit you, there are herbal and lifestyle options.

You might have noticed that I tagged this topic “Gout Victims Group” earlier. That’s because I thought you’d given up on trying to control uric acid. I hope I’m wrong.

Let me know how I can help you move forward, and control your gout in a way that makes you happy.