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Keith Taylor

Andrew, I just noticed “significant pain in fingertips/toes, but it moves around to all of them, it does not stay in one place like it should.” [also see Migratory Gout discussions.]

When you are lowering uric acid, symptoms often move around in the way you describe. It is common to experience gout pain in joints that you have not previously noticed. It is common for multiple joints to be affected where previous gout attacks only affected one or two joints.

Why is this?

If you remember earlier (your Triggers topic, I think), I described how lowering uric acid can trigger gout attacks. The burden of uric acid crystals is spread unevenly throughout your body. Different rates of crystals dissolving produce different effects. Sometimes, crystals just produce mild feverishness or itching. Other times, it’s more acute. This is essentially random, because it’s from crystals that formed many months and years ago.

Like renovating an old house. Ceilings drop on your head in rooms where you never had problems before. Wear a hard hat for six months (or longer) until all that dangerous old drywall has gone. (apologies if I got the wrong American term for what we call plasterboard).