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Lowell Andrew F.

I’m still here! 😉
I hope you are right Keith, and I trust you are, so I am continuing a good gout diet. But I’m a bit shy of the meds right now with the scope of the rash I’m still dealing with..I wish they’d given me a med for THAT right now.
Anyway, it’s called sheetrock, and you’re correct! So I will continue to be careful. The nice thing is, though I can feel the “leaks” happening when I eat poorly now, I think – not totally sure but we had one more portion of crab in the freezer, my wife ate most but I had a little, and 2 days later (seems to be my timing on this) I felt some more pain. So, I’m definitely back on the right diet, but I’m not sure about meds yet. I wasn’t careful at *all* before now so I feel like I should be able to control it.
As I may have said before, I hope to God this is gout because the alternatives sound worse (R.A., neuropathy) both which may cause lifelong pain and without solutions like proper eating. I do have a brother and an uncle with R.A. so part of me still thinks that remains a possibility, as the glycemic index affects how you feel with that disease as well.