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Irma Reitz

Hi Keith. I’m now back home after a hectic 2 week road trip. I think sitting in the car for 6 plus hours per day really was not good for my back. I was unable to put any weight on my right leg and hobbled about really uncomfortably. I saw a chiropractor on the way home who manipulated my back but I really did not get much relief from that. I asked him to prescribe anti inflammatories, because as you said I had been mixing up several different Meds which was not a great idea. Anyway he prescribed 50 mg of Cataflam. I took one but got a pain in my stomach so I have not taken another and have gone back to using the Vimovo 500 twice daily and the paracetamol with codeine when necessary. I am still using 1 cholchine 1 mg tablet daily.
I had an appointment with Doctor, a holistic health care practitioner, who agreed that it was gout and suggested I try to reduce the Uric acid with natural products (I would gave preferred to try the allopurinol but thought I would try what he recommended first). He said to continue with cholicine, NSAIDs and painkillers because my feet are riddled with arthritis and are full of nodules and Spurs which he says is an ideal place for the Uric acid crystal to form. He has prescribed the following:-

For Sulfation

Lifetones – 2.5 ml twice daily (a herbal tincture containing celery, birch, nettle, alfalfa,willow and boswella serrate.

Gout Atomiser – 6 sprays into mouth twice daily (herbal tincture containing alfalfa, cramp bark, cayenne, celery,Devils claw, burdock root, Siberian ginseng) it says on insert that it reduces swelling, eases inflammation, neutralises Uric acid and improves circulation. (We’ll see)!

Pro collagen – 2 capsules at bedtime.

Epsom salts 1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon twice daily

MSM ( didn’t specify amount so am taking 2 X 1000 mg pure MSM capsules)

He wants to retest Uric acid, also vitamin D3 and homocysteine levels in two weeks time.

I have also had physio for my back and hip and it has been feeling much better.

I’m sorry to go on and on with my list of complaints etc, but I thought it might be a good idea to keep a record for my gout diary.