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The most probable reason you don’t see a page for supplements on this site (feel free to correct me Keith) is because there really is no HARD evidence to conclude supplements such as Cherry Pills, Cherry Juice, or the like have anything more than a plecbo effect on Gout sufferers. Yes, they have redeeming benefits for one’s health, but to say they have a specific effect on Uric Acid (what is the real problem) or Gout in general hasn’t been proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

I fell into the “Cherry Juice/Cherry Pills” remedy also. I still drink/take them. What can it hurt, right? But when I first started this journey, they did abslutely NOTHING to remedy what the real problem was…..Uric Acid reduction. Until that is taken care of, you can drink 100 gallons of cherry Juice and all you may have in return is pleasant smelling urine.

Some claim analgesic effects from some supplements, but I’m not sure of all the ones you are talking about. Water and proper hydration are your better solutions, but I’m not a doctor, and NO I don’t play one on TV either.