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Keith Taylor

Andrew: “It’d be cool if we could click a link here to order and they gave you some kickbacks for the sales”

Thanks for that. I’ve been going through a phase where I’ve concentrated on providing better information, rather than chasing the dollar. It won’t last! I still need to get Gout Diaries, and Structured Help going. And, I have to conclude what to do about GoutPal and Social Networks with Carolyn. I do have lots of links to (and and and eBay and Walmart, etc. But, like lots of other things, the only way to find them is using the Search Box (top right). I will organize these better next year. In fact, I’ll have to. I’m funding my 2017 USA trip out of pension. 2018 and beyond depends on me getting my finger out, and returning my commission income to the heady days of 2011.

Patrick: “The most probable reason you don’t see a page for supplements on this site (feel free to correct me Keith) is because there really is no HARD evidence to conclude supplements such as Cherry Pills, Cherry Juice, or the like have anything more than a placebo effect on Gout sufferers”

Not a correction, Patrick. More of an explanation. There are good and bad gout resources. As per my reply to Andrew, I’m going to organize info on gout resources better. There are also doubtful resources. I can argue a good case for placebos, even though I’m not personally convinced. Ultimately, if a gout resource does no harm, I will not ban it from GoutPal. I might explain why I think it’s pointless for me (like home uric acid meters). But, if somebody is going to buy it, I’m grateful for any commission I can get. To summarize:

  • Bad resources should not appear on GoutPal (tell me if they slip through).
  • I will encourage good resources where they fit the right individual.
  • I’ll take the cash where I can get it, if it’s non-exploitative. That’s my way of funding this service. It might not be perfect, but I prefer it to marketing false hope.

Jean: I’m not quoting anything, just apologizing to you. I’ve neglected responding to your posts. Thank you for your patience, and for your continuing support. I’ve put your other posts on my action list. I’ll respond soon.