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When I woke up this morning, it was hard to get out of bed. My elbows and wrists were especially bad. Both thumbs felt broken. I took some naproxen and started moving around, walking the dogs, etc. I felt good enough to go mountain biking, but took it easier than normal. I did 70 minutes with some good climbing and had the heart rate probably around 160 average. I made sure I drank 3L of water during the ride and two bottles on the car ride to the trails. I felt really good. Still a bit stiff and tender, but I don’t know if is the adrenaline, the naproxen, the water or just moving around, but it helped. I went home and tried my new test kit. In the morning (fasting test) I was 6.8 which was exactly the doctor result a week ago. After exercise, I was 9.0. That had me a bit worried. I kept hydrating and going to the bathroom and in 2 hrs I tested again. 10.4. I have to think exercising breaks down body fat and causes a spike, but I could not have been more hydrated. I am going to keep testing and try to figure more out about my metabolism. Sleeping seems to be the worst part. I have been eating only fruits and vegetables for several days and drinking only water and a few cups of coffee. The lead thing is interesting. I work in the metals industry, but used to get Pb tests annually as part of the work safety program. I have never even had a spike. As a metallurgist, I can’t help but think that if 6.8 is the saturation point, the level you are above that would be a driving force for crystallization and maybe because I seem to be right on the saturation point, my crystals aren’t as needle like as some people. I am not getting the extreme burning and redness some talk about, but rather real stiffness and feeling like joints are sprained or broken.