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Thanks Guys!

My flare up is 95% gone. Right now, my only real sharp pain is in my left wrist. Other than being a bit stiff in the elbows when I wake up, I am feeling better. I will look into the Mg. I have not had a drink in 17 days and other than a little bit of chicken a few nights, I have been strictly vegetarian and very hydrated. I have been riding my bike and it seems to really help. I have a home test kit now and it is a bit discouraging. I am doing a regular morning test and was at 9 this morning. So, I vary from 6.8 to 10.5 (the 10.5 after exercise). I was hoping with the big load removed of the beer and meat that I would have seen a drop. I am going to stick with it. I am hesitating going to a doctor until I get back from a 4 week overseas trip. If I wind up on a UA lowering medicine I am worried it will trigger attack while I am working overseas. I cannot afford to miss work. I feel good now, so I think I will set an appt for my return. Am I overtesting with the home kit and expecting too much too soon? The diet change has caused about a 10lb drop. I know you are not supposed to crash diet, but I have to admit, removing all of the beer and meat must be a shock to my system, but unavoidable. I am hoping to even out here weight wise soon.