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Keith Taylor

“I don’t fit into a group”

I just spotted this. I feel it’s important that I explain my view. Every GoutPal reader needs to know this. So, it’s not a personal message to Andrew. It’s a message for all gout sufferers.

I rely on GoutPal Gout Groups to organize my gout facts. Increasingly, I’m using them to improve my personal responses to casual gout help. I absolutely need them to focus my structured help plans. So, I feel it is very important that all my readers can identify with one of the groups.

Maybe I should use a better word than Group? ❓

Anyway, they are groups of GoutPal readers. If I’ve got the logic right, every gout sufferer must fit into one of the GoutPal Gout Groups. If gout diagnosis is uncertain, then you’re in the Arthritis Sufferer Group.

Actually, I didn’t quite get the logic right in Which Gout Group Am I In. But, I’m actively working on putting that right. Hopefully, I’ll have it finished today (see Questions for Gout Sufferers). But, I’m also adding individual guides for each group. They will point each gout sufferer in the right direction. With 9 individual group pages, plus a new group summary, 10 pages a day will be a new record for me.

Sorry for the interruption. Gout Groups are playing on my mind at the moment.