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I am a runner(when gout is not disabling me). I have always had the problem of distinguishing a running injury from a gout flare up. I started on allopurinol on July 6th – so almost 3 months now. I read that one of the side affects of allopurinol can be joint aches and pains …. I have had this pain on the top and left side of my left foot on and off for a month. I cannot recall doing anything to cause the injury. But it persists – some days it is better than others. Thinking it is a running injury, I have been taken about 2 weeks off from running. But now I am not sure if it is a running injury or gout(I had a blood test end of last week – I got no phone call, so I am assuming my uric acid levels are acceptable) or (NOW!) a side effect of the allopurinol. My next attempt a a solution is to take no medication and become a vegetarian. Can anyone comment on my experience?